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Knowledgeable And Experienced Guidance In Trust And Estate Administration Matters

Amy Mello has nearly two decades of experience helping families and friends probate the estate of loved ones and administer their trusts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the state of Rhode Island. From preparing and filing court paperwork, obtaining taxpayer-identification numbers, appearing at court hearings, meeting and speaking with families, selling real estate, preparing financial accountings, filing final income tax returns and making final distributions.

When the administration of your loved one’s estate or trust is finished, you should be comfortable in knowing what needed to be done was done, and that it was done correctly, professionally and without delay. You can expect that peace of mind when you contact the Law Office of Amy S. Mello, LLC.

Navigating The Complexities Of The Uniform Trust Code

The Massachusetts Uniform Trust Code (G.L. c. 203E) became effective July 8, 2012, and most of its provisions are applicable to express common law trusts of a donative nature, including revocable trusts or inter vivos trusts used in estate planning, that were created before and after the Trust Code’s effective date. There are default rules that must be used when a trust is silent, the mandatory rules that trump trust provisions. There are rules that govern the duties and powers of trustees, as well as the rights and interests of beneficiaries. In creating and administering a trust, it is important to know what the law requires.

It is important to work with an experienced attorney to represent you and your loved ones throughout the process of estate planning and, if necessary, through any issues with trust and estate administration after death.

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Law Office of Amy S. Mello, LLC, is located in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, and serves clients throughout the surrounding areas. To speak with a skilled and experienced attorney about issues related to trust and estate administration, reach out online to request a consultation or call 508-276-2578.